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7/7 On appointment

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7/7 de 09h30-17h00

ALIZE FUNAnse Michel

Cap chevalier

97227 Sainte-Anne

Tel: 0696 91 71 06

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Learn kitesurfing on a dream spot ...




The school offers AIRUSH equipment of the year:

Kites, twin-tip boards equipped with leash.


Classes are taught with radio.


Also provided: Vests, helmets, harness and booties.


Do not forget to bring a shorty or lycra, sunglasses with lanyard and sunscreen.

For the sake of efficiency, the number of students per course is limited to 4.


Course schedule:


1st session: Safety instructions loading equipment on the boat, direction Baie des anglais (10 minutes) piloting of the kite, first swimming towed tailwind and through.

2nd session: Piloting the kite in towed flight oriented take-off of the kite in full water grip of the float first water-start.

3rd and 4th session: Mastery of the float and the direction, water-start, first edge of the ride with return to the point of departure.


This progression can vary according to the experience of each and his ease in the water.


Formalities: Compulsory license, for those who do not wish to buy the license, to provide a certificate of liability insurance specifying the practice of kiting.


Take his license:


The kite surf school ALIZE FUN is conventioned by the French Federation of Free Flight (n ° 21906). It is also approved by the Directorate of Youth and Sports (n ° 972 & NBSP: 03 and 0006).

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